5 things guys want in bed

Every man out there has that one special thing that he loves more than the other but there is one thing which all men desire and love equally. What could it be? Sex! Normal men not just Alfa men love to hang with their girls on warm bed because they will feel like they own the whole world. There is nothing so good than making love with your girl in a private room away from prying eyes. Even though sex comes in different ways, there are some secrets which men love girls to do to them tirelessly. Gals who are able to unravel these secrets to their men during sex will be adored for life. The guy will never turn to other girls as long as you have spilled the bean on what he loves most in bed. Without wasting time, here are 5 things guys want in bed during that sweet romantic time.

6557924249_9245ba22c21. Blowjob

Sex can never be complete if a woman forgets to suck the man’s dick. The dick is the powerful and erotic part of a man and if a woman fails to arouse it, then it will be like no sex going on there. A sexy lady is that who is ready to play with the “thing” until the man ejaculates uncontrollably. You should also not let the man ask you for it when you already know that they all love it.

2. Anal Sex

There is no doubt that most men love to have their dicks inside their women but not through the vagina alone. They will want to perform anal sex with hence you should never deny them lest they leave your for another who is very ready. Charming ladies should never be afraid of anal sex because it’s equally fun today especially when the man cum inside it.

fetish-sex3. Toy Game

Sometimes, it will be a great idea when both of you choose to arouse each other using adult sex toys. There are a lot of sex toys available today and it will be cool if you shop for them together. The man will love when he arouses your pussy with a dildo especially when he is tired doing after rounds of ejaculations. The lady should also use similar toys to stimulate the man’s anus.

4. Sucking the Tits While Caressing the Blonde Hair

No matter if you are a blonde or not, men love to suck boobs while at the same time playing with the sexy mom hair. Allow him to play with your boobs until it starts to release some milk which he will go ahead and suck it. You will wet yourself when a man does this on you. He should even cum upon your tits and at the cleavage.

5. Fetish Sex

How about enjoying fetish with your man using different items? Fetish sex can be considered by many to be something for porn-stars alone but that isn’t the case. Let the man use different tools to get you wet and you should do the same.

Give that man the treat of a lifetime!

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