Why can’t women go topless?

You never have to be a decent man to appreciate the fact that women are romantic creatures who make this world a better place. Voluptuous girls with awesome boobs are all you need to kick away stresses of this life because the moment they expose your body, a cool sensation is felt all through your body. Men can prefer to watch a lively lady who is topless rather than watching the best ever movie on the globe. What’s all the hype about topless ladies? The truth of the matter is that even the ladies themselves can’t shy away from commenting in good faith when staring at naked women. Have you ever imagined how the world would be if the society allowed girls to walk on the streets with the tops and bras away for all to see!!!

kate-upton-body-butt-boobsThe good news is that no one has ever denied any woman from exposing their boobs and that is why even their outfits naturally allows their cleavages and better parts of their tits to be visible. Why should you hide them from people who desire them but they can’t take them away? It will be a good idea to expose them to some percentage when in public but as a whole when in private places such as in a lap dance club.

Do you know that in some countries they do allow ladies to walk topless in groups? This occasion is normally referred to as no bra day where ladies work topless to express that they also need to have these stuffs relax without being hurt by bras. Men will never miss to assemble along the roads to watch this porn-like event for free. In fact, if you are a lucky man to come face to face with this event, you should take as many memorable photos as you can. They are free to do so!

326963Well, a lot of clubs especially in Nevada’s city of Las Vegas where girls can walk topless on the streets but to get maximum view, get them on clubs and casinos. You can pay for sex in brothels and here you can be with as many topless gals as you want even before you engage in the act with them. In clubs and casinos, lap dancers are allowed to remove their bras and other lingerie when dancing for you. You can even touch her boobs and play with it as you tip her.

There is time for everything and when you need romance with sexy women, it will be great if you invite them to your private hotel. Why should you stare at those topless ladies who are being admired by everyone else along the street when you can have yours? Get them to your private lounge and they will even get their pants down. You only live once which is enough for you to explore the beauties that these women carry with them. You can think of that day when all your eyes will be pairs of boobs surrounding you. You will indeed become the boss of the day!

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