Why do escorts quit working as a VIP escort?

If you are a high class escort, you have to be always in the best shape. There are things that are allowed in the women who have normal job, but the escorts cannot try them no matter what. The escort should never have stitches from a small cut, a cold sore, a burn gotten while cooking, a broken toe or a running or cold nose. When the escort had to stop to work, the profile is going to be taken down and she will have to wait for sometime before it is put again.

The following are some of the reasons a woman can quite to work as an escort

1. Not enjoying it

Women can try to be escorts but after sometime, they find out that it is not something they like and they cannot do it every day.

2. She falls in love

The escorts are young ladies who are also desirable. At a certain time, they will fall in love and it can be hard to work as escorts and to keep up the new relationship. When the relationship looks more serious, then most girls will choose to stop escorting.

3. Other adventure

The escorts are young and ambitious young ladies. Escorting can be something that they do only at a side and not as a full time job. Some girls can be escort while looking for other opportunities like job, internship and studies. As another opportunity opens up, the escort may stop to work as a high class escort.

4. Emergency

Escorts do have friends and families, sometime accidents can happen to them. A person can fall ill or die and this may require the attention and support of an escort. It is hard for an escort to make anyone to feel good if she is dealing with emotions problem on her own. The girl will have to step away from escorting until she can feel well.

5. She is fired

Escorting business has a set of rules that girls have to follow especially if they are escorts for VIP events. The girls have to offer respect to the customers and she has to ensure that the environment she is working in is safe and comfortable. When the girl fails to do this, she is fired. The rules are simple and the girls agree to them when signing up with an agency. They should be available when needed, not to contact the customers on their own, being respectful and discreet.

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