Why do Women Fake Orgasms?

Giving a woman an orgasm is something that most people aim for while in bed with their partner. It is viewed as the ultimate goal of any sexual encounter and as such a failure to do so may leave one feeling downtrodden and incapable. However, this objective is easier said than done, and it can be argued that women, unlike men are not able to get an orgasm as quickly or as simply as their counterparts. This means that any individual looking to ensure that their partner is able to climax will not only need to put in the effort, but may require additional assistance such as intimate knowledge of their partner’s soft spots for example. This knowledge and such effort may not always come naturally to an individual, and yet even those suffering from such handicaps are usually still intent on making sure they are able to bring a woman to climax. This has led to a large number of women looking for alternative solutions with regard to convincing their partner that they are satisfied.

One of the most popular ways of convincing an individual’s partner of their satisfaction involves the faking of an orgasm. This is whereby a woman acts out the process of having climaxed, when this is not the case. Faking an orgasm has become a pretty common practice amongst a majority of women, and a large number of them have done so at one point or another in their lives. The fact that faking an orgasm brings no actual pleasure to the woman raises the question of why one would bother to go through the process of faking it in the first place. Logically, it would make more sense for the woman to make their dissatisfaction clear, so that their partner would endeavor to give them the climax that they yearn for.

However, there are a number of valid reasons that a woman may choose to fake an orgasm with their partner instead of letting the truth be known. Some of these reasons include:

Trying not to hurt their partner’s feelings

This is arguably the main reason that most women choose to fake an orgasm when interacting with their partner. Giving a woman an orgasm, especially on a regular basis is seen as a display of a man’s prowess with regard to bedroom matters. The inability to do so thus would indicate that an individual is incapable in this particular sector, and this is not something that any person would want to realize about themselves. Though this may not be true (that is, with regard to one’s incapability), it is easier to simply let a man think they have achieved this goal in order not to adversely hurt their feelings with the truth.

Boosting their partner’s ego

The ability to get a woman to climax is something that any man would be proud of, and could do wonders for their self-esteem in the process. Thus a woman may choose to fake an orgasm should they feel that their partner is in a frail state of mind, and could do with a confidence booster.
It should be noted that not all women fake orgasms and some are lucky enough to have no need of such endeavours when it comes to interacting with their partner.

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